Easy Does It

Laughing hole heartedly at the newly artifact that was just created!
Art is nothing but a hobby, nothing more then a dream,
like fantasizing about nipples being too large.
He mocks, prods, pokes, and sneezes during the piano concerto.
An unrefined hillbilly spoiling the beauty.

Let us not give up on our souls,
if we lose that there is nothing to live for.

Want to go shoot guns at helpless poor little creatures?
This is what I hear, when he invites me too go shooting.
There is a new steak house that slaughters the cows right in front of you, are you hungry? He invites.
I laugh and tell the beast, the burden, to go away.
He feels superior, though he wont ever understand that he is a fly.
A hopeless puppet, pawn, waiting to be killed for a flag, for another man’s land.

The movement of the people is coming,
It is no longer about the greenbacks,
and the Santa Claus for adults.
Stop the worshiping at money grubbing cathedrals.
Your life is at stake, your slavery is only worth paper.
Feed yourself, and open the mind, the third eye vision can see better when your awake.

Oh how easy it is to be a filthy beast, a non understanding piece of meat.
Controlled by the newest video game, action flick, sex, and what ever has polluted the mind.
Its what we’ve all been accustomed to in the here and now.
There is no gain in living life easily.


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