Last Push for My Art

Hey just wanted to thank all those that helped last time. I am trying to get up to 150 supporters. It will be the last so called push. I have 10 more days before I see if I can get a grant for my art. Please help me out. It would be much appreciated. If you would like to share on your own blog that would help as well, the more supporters the better. (this is how you can support me. Please click on the link below the photo and then press support. Thanks)

9 thoughts on “Last Push for My Art

  1. The true beauty of a “MASTERPIECE OF AN ART” … IS in it’s the optimum design and creative measures taken … for the glitz and glory … which is the true essence of its beauty … A unique comparison … is not to judge the book by it’s cover … Nonetheless … The true beauty of an individual lies in the inward reflection of his/her … *BEAUTIFUL HEART* … and not the mere outward attractiveness …

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