Reflection through Water

My reflection from the cold blue water shimmering like the scales of a fish,
It stares through me.
The holiest of men, who hide from sin,
can’t say that they have been living.
They, like the dirt between their toes, lays restless.
Blues run deep within the soul of the unlearned.
After all the uneducated serpents are only dogs,
Forever fighting for the bones and scrapes at the table.
The earth will not have an end, but their world will.
There is only justice in the death of these snakes.
However the murdering of men is never justified,
and is never true.
Every snake has the opportunity to live until their world chooses to end.
Don’t waste the beauty of living on which is already dead.
Cut the phoney illusions from which you have been fed,
Live life happy, and free from boundaries instead.
My reflection in the cold blue water dissipates.


One thought on “Reflection through Water

  1. Cherishing life and living the moment on this planet is what these humans should be doing. Instead, they rather live in a world where fabrication numbs their illusion and money warms their ignorance of greed. 🙂

    I like this poem of yours…excellent work my friend.

    I will be posting my new blog today….Sorry for the delay I had to attend matters of my girlfriends health.

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