To All of Us Hurting Because of the Tragedy in Connecticut

Today I can’t help but blog about a few feelings that I have about the recent school shooting in Connecticut. This was an Elementary School. The youngest of the next generation. My heart is broken from the loss of those children and teachers that were killed today. Human life is valuable. Who knows if one of those kids who lost there life today, would be the very same person to find the cure for cancer, aids, or any other disease when they grew up. Who knows what bright futures these children had? Who knows what will come of this school shooting and what school will be like in the future. However I hope that this tragedy will all remind us of how valuable human life is and not just human life, but life in general. Life, truly is the most important thing to me and it saddens me to see such horrible events play out during my lifetime. Though I know that this is only the beginning of something huge, I do not know what is in store for our Country/World in the future. Let us please remember the beauty in life and the opportunities that we all have and share as being brothers and sisters of the Human race.  Let us rise up in each catastrophe and tragedy that we see to be a little smarter, a little more human, a little more compassionate with our race. Indeed we have many problems in our world where we don’t have the answers yet to solve them. I strongly feel that It is our duty as apart of the human race to preserve ourselves, to take care of one another, and to love each and everyone. Today I challenge each and everyone of you reading my blog to do a kind act for someone. Wither its a stranger, a family member, a co-worker, or child, do something that will help them. I strongly believe that each one of us has some light and some love to give. Let us not be stingy with this gift. Being someone who is not religious or belongs to a certain church, I still can see the value and the advantages that the human race has for having the ability to love and the ability to share that love with others. My heart goes out to everyone today. I hope we all have a bright and beautiful day tomorrow. Image


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