At first I didn’t think I was strange.
Strange, creeps up on you in the middle of the night,
Like a burglar tripping an alarm.

Strange twists its way into corners
untouched, unnoticed, left alone stubborn as a crown of thorns.
Lost in the universe, strange continues to be
Locked and trusted,  strange is fully invested

Strange carries weight
Let the atmosphere dance and shake
strange is glowing from it’s absurdity
while monkeys swing from their trees
and birds cry from poisonous gasses
wild as the day you were born, showing your asses
hold on Strange, where is the molasses?

Its everything you could wish for and more,
Hold out your hand, what are you looking for?
Strange is a new wave in the fold
Be ready to adjust to it.
Because strange doesn’t know.


6 thoughts on “STRANGE! (ME)

  1. wonderful writing! I visited your other blog . i found it a little too time consuming in the registration. I am an artist as well and my oppinion is that you are truly brilliant. Lovely artwork, pure gold and all the other colors of life!

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