tip toes, light as a feather
dancing around the ring
Fist like a mighty hammer.
Hoping for a knock out
A one two punch that will make him sing.
The fanatics make him feel like Royalty
While he dances wining over their loyalty.

Though the man inside is some what of a wonder.
The practice of refinery shaped on the outside.
Thus the ultimate fighter must study and sharpen his mind.
and practice the technique with a lust for fine wine.
To understand where the opponent is weakest,
When to hit the left or the right side,  the up and downside.
Knowing when the will is at loss,
To strike like a tiger when his psyche falters.
For that is the spirit of the Boxer.

Tip Toes, Light as a feather
the man punches to the sound of thunder.
a perfect right straight to the brim
The legs gave out from underneath him
Ladies and Gentleman we have a new featherweight champion.


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