The Invisible Monster

Tonight the air is frigid,
Something lurks in the bushes with glowing eyes,
The ravaged beast is hungry.
What might have called such a disgusting predator to this area?
His menacing teeth soaked in its own saliva, while he snarls at his prey.
The townsfolk surly would quiver and shake if they were aware of this unseeable presence.

Those that are in tune with the universe can feel the hair on their neck stand,
alerting these special beings to the tragedy at hand.
Most, however, blindly walk by without ever noticing the cruel intentions of the vilified.
For they are this ferocious threat’s supper.
They will surely meet their doom at the hand of this monster.

The creature steps out onto the cold concrete.
Arching his back and quickly coming to a steady pace, he scans the area.
A boy, not nearly twelve, is staring off into the night sky,
Gloriously imagining the possibilities of his young life.
Unaware that the beast has marked him for his prey.
With haste the monster sinks his gnarly weapon into the flesh of the young boy.
“Do you know about the savior of mankind?”
And like that the dreams of the young boy die.
Another victim of the terrible lie.


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