Shining Through My Teeth

The sun is shining in my heart today.
Like no other, I feel as light as a feather.
Love surrounds the inside of my brains.
Ecstasy not permitted through a drug
Its time to pick myself off the rug
Because life goes on.

The human race is as beautiful as a Beethoven song,
Lets remember the works of art and continue to progress.
After a man leaves this world, his works is all that’s left.
Mechanically lift my arms and concentrate on the goal.
One day my heart will fill with happiness like the sail of boat fills with wind.
Lets all think a little  faster through this world.
Because its all we have or so I’m told.


6 thoughts on “Shining Through My Teeth

  1. Yes… How our art touches and shapes the world. What would this world be like without Beethoven? And what would this world be like without you. You have and continue to touch and shape it more than you know.

    1. Sarah- your words make me happy. haha.I am sorry I haven’t written you back. i feel bad about that.Its been a crazy month. However I love life! Its so invigorating sometimes. I will reply to your email soon.

      1. I’m glad my words make you happy. And there is absolutely no rush to the email. Write when you feel it. I’ll respond when I do. We can be like old fashioned cyber pen pals chronically our lives through letters.

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