Top 25 Albums of 2010…(Old list)

I was browsing through some old files today and came across this top 25 albums list I made for 2010. It was cool to see what has changed and if the albums I liked then still hold true to their numbers. Some dont, to be honest. Anyway thought it was a cool list so I’m going to post it.
Top 25 Albums of 2010

1-Kanye West-Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy(This album will go down as his Greatest, but I thought that about Graduation as well.)

2-LCD Soundsystem- Album: This is Happening(The only thing that holds this album down is the song Drunk Girls or it’d be the number one album of the year.)

3-The Black Keys- Album: Brothers(Dan’s guitar playing is why it toped the Arcade Fire album. )

4-Arcade Fire- Album: The Suburbs (I’m beginning to think Arcade Fire can’t make a bad album.)

5-Deerhunter- Album: Halcyon Digest (I’d be surprised if these guys don’t have a #1 album during this decade.)

6-Tobacco- Album: Maniac Meat(An album where all of your senses can be unlocked.)

7-Laura Marling- Album: I Speak Because I Can(The best folk album of the year.)

8-Eminiem- Recovery (He’s back!)

9-Baths- Cerulean(This album snuck up on me, I didn’t like it at first. Then I listened to it a few more times…WOW!)

10-Yeasayer- Album: Odd Blood

11-Ratatat- Album: LP4 (Ratatat makes me want to dance. That’s a tough thing to do)

12-Sufjan Stevens- Album: The Age of Adz(Sufjan tried something new. It’d worked for a few songs, and those songs are great)

13-Jonsi-Album: Go(Jonsi is such a great song maker.)

14-Dead Weather-Album: Sea of Cowards (How could I leave a Jack White band of this list?)

15-M.I.A. – Album: Maya (My favorite album she has released so far.)

16-Spoon-Album: Transference (This group is so talented, but never seem to break the top ten for me)

17- Emeralds-Album: Does it Look Like I’m Here?(This album is so spacey! Like Kevin)

18-Broken Bells- Album: Broken Bells (Danger mouse…What else is there to say?)

19-Sam Amidon- Album: I See the Sign(Reminds me of Nick Drake)

20-Gil Scott-Heron- Album: I’m New Here(This man has a haunting voice. Welcome back Gil)

21-Gorillaz- Album: The Fall (The beats are great!)

22-Atmosphere- Album: To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy(Just started listening to this and it blew me away. Slug and Ant don’t really disappoint)

23-Josh Ritter- Album: So Runs The World Away(Pretty good folk album from someone from Idaho)

24-Kylesa-Album: Spiral Shadow(The best heavy metal  album I’ve heard in years. Also I don’t like heavy metal)

25-Nas/Damien Marley- Album: Distant Relatives (Nasty Nas tears it up throughout the entire album)


Runner ups- Forest Sword-Album: Dagger Paths, Caribou-Album: Swim, Massive Attack-Album: Heligoland, Gorillaz-Album: Plastic Beach, Grinderman – Album: Grinderman 2, Mark Ronson and The Buisness Intl. – Album: Record Collection, Band of Horses-Album: Infinite Arms, Portugal the man-Album: American Ghetto, Menomena -Album: Mines,Robyn-Album:Body talk, Xui Xui-Album: Dear God Ii hate Myself, and Neal Young-Album Le Noise.


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