Rodent Problems

I believe that if you are waiting for some godly gift, some kingdom that you will be lifted up into at the last days, then you are wasting your time, energy, and life. Here we have all the beauty, brains, and technology to make our lives a “Garden of Eden” on earth. Yet we sit on our sofa’s and lazy boys flipping through channels on our televisions trying to find the next sitcom instead of working towards a better way of life.Why can’t more people understand that life is the most beautiful gift we will ever receive? and that wasting it, is surely a sin. Since when did life become so unimportant?
I look at the community that I currently live in and feel a deep sadness for these people. They are so indoctrinated that any other way of life is asinine to them.
They shy away from any other culture and way of life, because they believe the illusion that is played out before them.
My brothers, sisters, family members, and the mass public are being controlled with out the knowledge of it, and it sickens me. They look down upon me like I am some rat in their home. For my case, I imagine that I’m a really huge rat that they can’t seem to get rid of.I guess they have rodent problems.
But why they look down upon me, I don’t know. Could be that because I live my life where every day has meaning and they are jealous of my freedoms.  I admit that I am blessed to have the freedoms that I do have, that I know of. However my own ignorance also holds me back from a life that has so much more to it. This is why human progression is important. So that we as a human race can grow, change, and make a place for ourselves among the universes.
I don’t believe that man has more power or intelligence then another man, or women for that matter. We are all equal. However intelligence and power is earned and gained. Through hard work, reading, studying, and culture. In this way a man can be more intelligent then another. I see many men in the world using this to overpower their weak minded brethren. After all we are all here trying to survive. I believe that it is our duty to continue the progression of the race by learning all that we can. This progression, some people don’t believe in because they are to busy with believing in half-truths, and falsifications. I apologize if my words are disturbing, though I feel harsh times deserves harsh words.
Scientific studies have shown many amazing finds and truths about our world and where we have come to be.  Evolution is as real as you and I. It is also through art and human expression that we can grow by learning about oneself, while we become a progressive people always trying to be more free, to be more human, to live the greatest life we can.
As a rodent I will continue my hunt for more intelligence, for more understanding, for more love for my race (the human race). One day I hope that those people who are left in the dark will one day come to the real light and join me in being a rodent to those who live in ignorance.

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4 thoughts on “Rodent Problems

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