Autumn Day

The lily’s floating on the lake reminds me of the first day of autumn
The narrow cold front breezing through the color changing aspens,
As the brittle branches and loose leafs fall to the ground
warning of the death that is soon to be here.
This time of year reminds me of the last time we embraced
Your eyes knew that our time had come to an end
though I held on to you like the loose leaf does to its tree,
With all its strength hoping that the wind doesn’t force it to fall
Though the cold broke my arms separating us
as I slowly fell to the dying grass.
Like a memory from our past, fading.
No longer apart of your tree, I looked up at you for one last memory
before the snow came to pile up on top of me,
drowning me in its pure white weight,
You looked at me and smiled
it was the last thing I remember before turning black, lifeless, broken.
Love is like a single leaf on a tree,
When the weather changes the connection breaks
never to be restored.


3 thoughts on “Autumn Day

  1. lovely piece where Nature’s changing course brings back memories of love’s last breaths…
    & Please allow me correct the following:
    “Knew” in line 6 instead of “new” & “leaf” instead of “Leafs” & “does” instead of “do” along the 7th…

    Peace & Light

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