Bleak Future

In the future there will be only disease and famine,
wasteland deserts with toxic dump signs warning of the tricks men play
The Catapillars lime skin will rot like the rust on metal
While the pedals of flowers wilt from the radiation filled air.
Men will gasp their last breath while reaching for loved ones as they recognize their fatal consequences.

The world will burn from the flames of our anger,
Our pride will stain the living like black tar
The only hope will be death,
while skeleton corpses are infested with creatures that live underground.
Dehydration and Starvation will become the number one murders,
and helplessness will obstruct our chances of survival.

A pestilent and mystic vapor will scour the land
dilapidated trees and rolling tumbleweeds will hypnotize the still-living
while trepidation fills their souls like a pitcher pours its contents into a glass.
there is no utopia for those left alive from the blazing skies
because in the future there will be only truth instead of lies.


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