A Pledge of Love

If only I could do to you, what you do to me
A perfect love that no one could alter.
Hair to the shoulders and skinny jeans
You walk with an attitude, with confidence all over the midnight sky
cause people like you are nocturnal,
its what made the spark deep down in my rib cage.
Black pantie laced while you gave me your lips.
Sailing through the ocean like a ship.

We were like mechanical birds made from the heavens
Floating skyscrapers in that pink skyline,
Your wings were black like a crows,
poisoned by the arduous pain that life seems to grow,
Though we flew through the sky locked together,
Our joy seemed like it would soar forever
Though fate said one of us would fall dragging down the other.
I held on for as long as I could.
The deception and lies eventually cut to deep
As my heart would die
and our love would rest through eternal sleep.

Come resurrect me,
wake this passion, this illusion the world calls love.
Let us fly again, even if its for a little time
I’ll hold you in my arms, until the end of signs
Until the world stops spinning, I’ll love you
I pledge this to you.


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