Abnegation from You

I’m having withdrawals, no longer are you in my blood.
The situation has died down, and you’re no where to be found.
cut and abused, the thought of you makes me itch and my head pain.
Afterthoughts of your ghost crawling up the stained walls,
This dingy apartment building and my brain continues the spinning.
That taste I can remember like yesterday,
The skin on skin addiction of your corrosive demon,
Poisoning my heart, persisting to transform me into the abyss.
I wallow in my own self pity and darkness.
When will your drug recover me from this sickness.
The down and dirty loss of love.
Like sand in my mouth, and nails on a chalk board.
Your torturous words echoing at a high pitch,
“No longer call me,”
As if to say this was all my fault?
Your perfume blots my old sweatshirt,
God, I wish we had a clean start.


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