Dreams of You

My dreams are all images of you,
Your hair dark, your eyes hazel, your lips smooth as silk.
We look at each other and act like we don’t recognize one another.
Are thoughts race of the good and the bad times we shared together.
You break the silence.
“Hello,” you say softly while looking into my eyes.
Your smile becomes large when you see mine grow,
and you throw your arms around my neck like your never going to let me go.
we kiss passionately and I can almost remember how you taste,
as I pray that I will never wake.
I can hear your laughter echo through my mind,
as I ask myself what I did to make you no longer mine?
The chance to be loved by someone like you is sublime.
A piece of my heart will be with you until I die,
As I dream of you coming back home for one more sunrise.

(Here is another love poem…I dont know why i’m such a sap lately, but at least I’m writing again.)


5 thoughts on “Dreams of You

  1. Good I wondered where you had disappeared too! Lovely poems though I think men can write better love poems then women is that strange!!

    1. haha thanks. I had gotten caught up with life a little to much, and had a little bit of writer’s block. However I’m back! Its funny that you say something now cause I was just reading your blog.

      1. yeah I’ve been on a bit of a mission too! Sometimes I just get days where I need to spend lots of time on wordpress reading and writing and today was the day!

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