Nary a Paronymous Love

I miss you more and more,
like a freak with a disorder,
you probably should put me on some restraining order.
Your beautiful lips haunt my dreams,
and your creamy skin makes me crawl like the animal I am.
Because you left me, It makes me unable to jubilate normally.
Dysfunctional like the rest of humanity.
Jealousy runs through my veins for the man your kissing
like the drugs I take to forget you.
Pass me a cigarette, light, burn, settle my anxiety
as i try to dismiss you from my integrity.
Easier said then done, obviously.
Can I make a requisition?
Please come back to me so I can stop being so lonely.
Cheat on me, Lie to me, hurt me,
eventually I might be able to make you happy.
I’d rather be your slave, then live without you
Because every woman I meet can’t hold a candle to your fire.
Tu me Manques, and I dont know what to do?

(Here is a really sappy love poem, sometimes I don’t know if i should share stuff like this? Anyway I hope the woman I wrote this for is happy. Because if you saw her smile you would understand my feelings.)


5 thoughts on “Nary a Paronymous Love

    1. Ah Thanks…however in this instance I feel that the Poet Alfred Lord Tennyson said it best. “Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all.” After all it does give some great stuff to write about, even if its sad. haha thanks for your comment!

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