The 4th

I am feeling like I need to be truthful today. I need to be writing and fighting. Though i wont. I want to be positive. This is something that I am trying to do with my life. I need to be more positive. I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Those of you who are not in the US. I hope you all will have a drink to your own independence and freedoms that you have. One day I hope we will not celebrate countries independence days, but be one with everyone celebrating the worlds independence.
Happy Independence Day everyone.


13 thoughts on “The 4th

    1. thats what you got from this post? look I am the most truthful person I know. Some days more then others I feel the need to be more truthful in my writings. However there is a fine line between being truthful and ruining one’s holiday. This case I decided not to ruin my holiday (or others) with the truth.

      1. I realize that sometimes the truth hurts, but I still think it is better than lieing.

        A few months ago either Forbes or Fortune magazine released a survey revealing that 80% of adults lie……… other adults! Seems the whole world is full of liars. I can kind of understand lieing to children — tooth fairy, Santa Claus, Easter bunny, etc. — but I’m just amazed that adults lie to other adults.

        I guess that includes: “Honey, I have to work late tonight” and “You don’t look fat at all” and other such lies.

      2. I understand where you are coming from. The problem is, to me, that the truth is only in small little things in the world. I’ve spent the past decade trying to find truth and sometimes the lie is a lot more comforting. Like saying “you dont look fat at all…” or even believing in a heaven and hell. Lies keep this world rotating so it seems. Everyone is against everyone and if lying gives you a foot or 2 ahead of the next guy…why not? Unfortunately people do this way to often. I wish it wasn’t that way, but it is. I appreciate your comments. I’m always up for talking about the Truth.

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