This Weeks Awful Tattoo 07/03/2012

Tomorrow is a great day for the US. It is the day where we celebrate our freedoms, and what better way to show your patriotism then getting horrible tattoos? Here are a few tattoos showing everyone some good old fashioned country pride!


And if there was an award for worst tattoo I’ve seen this guy (below) takes the cake. Drum role please. (Seriously…White trash hillbilly…don’t worry he doesn’t like reading…so he wont be offended by my name calling)

(The Song Below is not for the people who don’t enjoy a few curse words…)


6 thoughts on “This Weeks Awful Tattoo 07/03/2012

    1. Now that I take a second look…I dont know if it is real either…The thing that makes it strange is that I dont see any scaring. That and he has no eyebrows.

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