Jazz Please

I want more jazz in my life.
The sporadic sounds of trumpets and horns
as I walk around the corner to the local gas station.
The sounds of a beat, that can’t be ignored.
The pleasantries of the sound of piano keys being pressed
instead of airplanes storming through the skies.
I want to dance like only white males can dance like,
bobbing heads, fast motions, and quicker stops,
Feet tangled, and last minute hops.
Expressing ourselves through music until we drop.
Thats just how we move.
One of the only few freedoms we have left.

I want more jazz in my life,
A resurrection of Miles Davis to show what we have missed.
Old bar lights and a short stage,
Playing horns like a conch from the sea.
Can you feel the groove,
Can you taste the liquor,
Just one more night to escape the fate,
of being normal, working for a job that no one should.

I need more jazz in my life,
Cut the singing and hooks,
Let us live without boundaries
Bring us to outer space


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