What is wrong with our society?

I dont care how sexy you might think you are, dont do this! I was astonished by how awful this song is. Then to try and make up for the song they try to put women in bikini’s so that maybe you wont notice the fucking awful music/lyrics….There is a point where every man no longer cares how hot you are.

Wait wait wait… So I feel like I didn’t explain myself. We live in a country where it is ok to be dumb, stupid, ignorant, and most of all beautiful. Now why do women feel like it is a must to be stupid in order to attract a certain guy they like….or better yet Why is it that they act that way in certain settings, well because that is what society has told them to do, to act, to be. Guys who are at bars walk up to women and get their numbers by acting like pompous alpha male pigs. It makes others feel like they have to be that ridiculous in order to get a woman’s number or in this case stupid in order to get the guy they want. Therefore treating females like morons and lesser beings, when in fact they are in many ways superior then males. Can you imagine a world where intelligence was an attractive desire? Where the media portrays the intelligent people in the world as beautiful? Think of all the shit we could do if people would strive for intelligence instead of chauvinism in every day settings like picking up on a girl!!! Now I’m not saying dont take care of your body and dont look like a super model, but there has to be an even playing field. You have to exercise your mind as much as your body.

I’m getting off my soap box………..NOW!


6 thoughts on “What is wrong with our society?

  1. I turned off the volume at one point, trying to figure out where each shot was filmed. FYI ball pit not at the Chuck E Cheese in Miami. (Useless hometown info for you)

    1. lol. I figured it wasn’t Chucky cheese, but that’s the only place I could think of with a ball pit. I’ve actually never been to Miami as well(only tampa :(). I hear its an amazing place though.

      1. I’m sorry you’ve been to Tampa ;). The ball pit may not be in Miami. Even though they are the Miami Dolphins, they don’t actually play in Miami.

        Let me know if you make it down. It’s like no other town

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