Memory of Seasons

Connected from the outside in,
A child we lost in the wind.
Can you remember we once loved like children in the summer.
I held you in my arms, tight, and all through the night.
Pulling you closer to me, don’t leave me, can’t you skip work to be with me?
We were oh so young, we couldn’t hide from the storm.

We kissed in the rain, so that we could overcome
It froze us, so we held each other to keep us warm.
With you in my arms I felt like nothing could go wrong.
Oh god, it was young love blossoming like the flowers in the sun.
How did I get so lucky to be your one.
Never thinking that winter would soon be upon us.

Frigid ice, and snow falling, suffocating,
murdering what always grows.
Jack Frost came and stole you away from me.
Now I’m left with the thought of you abandoning me.
But I had already forsaken everything.
Connected from the inside out, I have nothing left but a memory.


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