The Best of Us

Sometimes the worst happens to the best of us.
The rope burns around the neck of your sweetheart.
All the loneliness your children and you felt.
The man you’ve always loved dead in the nightmares you live.
Alone raising your kids.
Don’t cry cause its all a sign of weakness.
Don’t let them see your insecurities cause your the woman that can handle all of lifes bullshit.
The light in the world shines from your eyes.
If only it was enough to keep him alive.
You can’t blame yourself for his lost eyes
Though you struggle because nothing has ever been right.
Stay strong and continue to fight. He always knew the pain of losing all his life.
He never knew the importance of his own, that’s why your all alone.
Don’t cry when you see his eyes through the children of your life.
Because the worst always happens to the best of us. Keep your head held high.
You are all of our light. You are everyones might. You have the strength to fight.

(This was written for a woman that I met a few days ago. She had lost her husband from suicide. It broke my heart. She has so much strength that I was impressed. She still is strong and still raises her family. Amazing woman.)


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