Son of Perdition

I’ve been asked if I enjoy being filthy? Filthy as in the mud, and dirt? or being outside in a thunderstorm? You know when every single inch of you is drenched from the rain. “No,” the old man said, “filthy as a soul that is going to hell?” I chuckle with exuberance. His face was astonished by my reaction. The threat of losing my soul to hell no longer concerns me I think to myself waiting for his reply. “Do you realize that you are mocking the creator of our world, the grand holiness that is the lord, when you chuckle with such glee?” I put my head down and close my eyes. Not because I feel guilt but because I have to go through another explanation on why I don’t believe in fairy tales, or invisible men from the sky. This typically means a battle of right and wrong, truth and lies, my system against his.

I apologize kind sir, that I find it humorous that I am going to hell. A place with demons and torture devices for those who have lived a filthy life here on this earth. A place where the great Dante walked with a heart full of anguish for his fallen brothers and sisters. The old man stared at me with eyes wide open, a fixed look that any normal man would feel threatened by.  Though I noticed something strange about this gaze. A certain drop of fear laid way back in the green eyes of the old man. He knew his look wasn’t enough to derail me from my path, my moving train. He knew he had his work cut out for him, that this was not going to be an easy battle.

He continued with a heavy breath. “Do you not worry what our Savior will do to the wicked when he comes again? The time is at hand, we will see the second coming of the lord?” I replied with a distasteful jab. Oh I believe that he will come again, just like I believe that Santa Clause will slide down my chimney every Christmas eve. What a glorious day that will be, don’t you agree? “Do not talk about the second coming with such ridicule! you are a lost soul Mr. Grainswick. A lost soul!”

I apologize sir, I didn’t think we were playing a game of hide in seek. Though it seems much like a game of cat and mouse, but I ask you who is the cat in this scenario? OOOH that reminds me, Do you ever wonder how Noah fit every single living animal on the planet on to a boat? I watch the gentlemen turn in his seat. “I do not question the word of god!” He replied boldly.

Then surely you are unaware of the word of Satan or any other being of power? “I do not worship Satan, unlike your filth.” It always made me smile when I new I had them under my palm. It usually starts with a blatant cut to a man’s character. The trick is to stay calm, and continue the questions. I continue, So what your saying is that you only worship God. I can understand that. However how can you fully understand your relationship with god if you dont ever see the other side of the great question? “I do not need to understand the other side of things when I have faith!” He said with a ferocious glare.

Ah I see. Faith. What is the definition of faith again? he didn’t answer. I think I remember reading somewhere, probably the dictionary, that the definition is a belief that is not based on proof. So technically all you can say to me is that your belief in god stems from your faith. Something you can’t prove. So in a way you are blindly following something you have no proof of. I smiled and tilted my head a little bit to the side. I was such an ass hole.

“Get OUT! GET OUT! You son of Satan!” he screamed. Slowly I stood from my chair and gathered my things. He was quiet. The tension in the room you could cut with a knife. I walked to the door and opened it. The cherry on the whip cream had to be added. I turned and spoke “I’ll see you next Sunday for dinner Father.”

-I had to add this hysterical video of the Book of Mormon Musical. So funny.


12 thoughts on “Son of Perdition

  1. I found the title concidentally scary considering i am currently writing and had just written perdition in the poem i am working on like twice and was checking the dictionary for synonymns lol… I must say as a person who believes in God, i too have my questions…even now more than ever but i think that is the mystery of it all. Life, faith, religion, sprituality and evrything in between…

    1. Boomie- I think your absolutely right by saying that is the mystery of it all. The questions I feel are some of the most important questions to answer for yourself as a person. You know if you are going to believe in god, what is that you believe? I wrote this only because I feel that it is something that we all have to do. That and I encounter this type of discussion on a monthly basis.I hope by no means that this offends anyone as it is just to bring up the importance of answering those questions. (Do I make any sense? haha) Thanks for posting. I’m always happy to hear from you.

      1. And valid questions really. I don’t think God would mind even if the biggest of christians or other believers had such questions. I know i do and i was born into christianity. I still had a discussion with a friend about all this recently…sometimes i wonder if i am being rebellious by questioning some of my beleifs, other times i find they are geniune questions i have…like where is in God in the midst of so much hate and pain, what happens after we die…no one ever died and came back…why do some have it easy and others don’t…how the homosexual who is really confused and just wants to be who he or she thinks they are…the unhappy wife who is afraid getting a divorce is wrong yet she is terribly unhappy…children in Africa and their unfortunate plight…why some are black and some are white…you make sense quite alright, at least to me lol. Always a pleasure reading your post.

  2. Wow. I have always found that those trying so hard to convince other’s of truth must be trying to convince themselves.

    My father, a deacon, told me the bible was mythology. A series of stories that may or may not be true, but shaped to guide.

    My uncle told me I would go to hell if I didn’t believe in Jesus as our savior. I calmly asked him how I can be afraid of something I don’t believe in?

    Faith is so personal. This is brilliantly crafted.

    1. That is the problem with truth. What is truth exactly? Those who are trying to convince people of the truth they have found, might not understand that the truth to someone else is completely different. Truth is what you make it. Thats probably why people who try to convince others of their truth are trying to convince themselves in reality. However I think its acceptable for people to convince others and themselves of the truths they find. Who doesn’t love to have a friend that believes in the same things. Thank you for commenting and sharing about your father and uncle. Its always good to hear from you.

  3. As one who has faith and is thankful for it, I understand the desire to share it. But it pains me when done so insensitively, without humility, without love, without willingness to question faith itself. This touched me. Thank you for writing it.

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