The most inspirational bands I listened to in the 90’s from the 90’s

The most inspirational bands I listened to in the 90’s from the 90’s…Keep in mind I was going into high school in the year 2000. If that tells you anything about my top choices.

5. Rage Against the Machine – There wasn’t anyone that could play the guitar quite like Tom Morello. The guy would make sounds that seemed impossible. Not to mention the man screaming the lyrics to protest songs. Zach De La Roca had a way with showing the manipulation that was being taken place through the society, the media, the government. Not only that but when I go running I still listen to these guys.

4.  Radiohead – These guys had a record straight from outer space. The album OK Computer changed the way I listened to music as it broaden my horizon to the use of different sounds. I also remember racing home from school every day to watch MTV to see if their music video Paranoid Android would play. As a child who loved art, I thought the animation was fantastic.

3. Beck – His album Odelay, Mutations, and Mellowgold came out during the 90’s. I would dare say that there weren’t 3 albums that captured the 90’s funkie sad psychedelic sound more then these albums.

2.Wu – Tang Clan – There was nothing on this earth like the Wu-tang clan. They were 9 guys all with different rap styles. That would rap over the sounds of kung fu movies and beats that would shake your soul to its cold depths. The 36 Chambers album and Forever 2 disc album will be a staple in rap. well, for forever.

They are so young in this!

“Old Dirty Man”
1. Pearl Jam – The band came out with their debut album Ten that captured the essence of an era. The grunge band has not only gotten away from that grunge rock stage, which isn’t a bad stage, but has completely turned them into one the greatest bands to come out of the US with several 90’s classic albums. Vs, Vitalogy, Yield and No Code all great 90’s albums.

I always felt that music has been one of the greatest comforts and strengths that I have in this life. All 5 of these bands made such an impact on me when i was a young one growing up in the 90’s. What were your favorite bands of the 90’s that inspired you?


2 thoughts on “The most inspirational bands I listened to in the 90’s from the 90’s

    1. The Wu was the greatest rap group ever in my opinion. I loved them when i was younger. I thought I was so cool listening to them…still do. And yeah Heavy D started in the late 80’s but had several releases during the 90’s. Good stuff!

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