Love Poem 367

It’s 4 in the morning,
God what an awful time to be awake.
Though it seems to be a nightly ritual.
A constant ghost story.
My mind races, yet my body wishes to be in a slumber.

Your skin milky and smooth,
The dent in your back where you had a mole removed.
The curve of your hips like a heart shaped box,
The echoes of your words “lets fuck”
A Dog, two Dogs, a dead Dog without their proper mother and father.
I’d wish you’d leave and haunt another.

You took what you wanted!
My records and my time.
Filling my mind with bull shit.
Knowing well enough that I loved every minute of it.
You’d tease me with your breast, and your fingers,
I wish you would stay though you never loitered.
It was all part of your game.

Her hand was soft and smooth,
like a pedal of a rose.
She drooled a little on my pillow,
Each and every night.
It made me fill like a balloon bursting with joy.
This question I could never answer when you were still by my side.
You only drooled when you were in a deep sleep.
and when you fell into a deep sleep, you finally knew that you were safe.
Because you were safe is the reason you left.
And this is why I don’t sleep, because our sun has set.

I can hear the sound of the nearest freight train passing through the open canyon near my home in the mountains.
The horn roars from that monster of steal,
It feels like it shakes you from my thoughts.
The warm summer breeze heats my resting area, temperature rising.
Its more difficult to doze into dream land when I’m covered in sweat.
Fucking gross.

Christ! have I not fallen asleep yet?


12 thoughts on “Love Poem 367

  1. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. This piece was difficult for me to write. I guess there are a lot of emotions I have for this woman still. Lucky her…:)

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