I Do Not Fear the Puppeteer

Those who have lost everything no longer fear anything
A sentence that you might not understand,
Its OK for you control the puppet’s hands.
Making sure the young drink from the nipple of the illusion,
They’ll never be dispelled,
Never have a life, only a personal hell.
You comfort yourself with soft silent thoughts,
Your own forms of cowardice evils.

However this may come to you as a shock,
What you didn’t plan for is the human will to live.
Our wings that spread like birds and take flight in the fountains of knowledge that you can’t control.
We are the bright beautiful light that shines like the sun among those who drink from your cup.
The army that stands in the way of your power and of your kingdom.
As for the ignorant, they are like bugs and are drawn towards that very light you tried to conceal from them.
They will understand soon enough.
You have only angered our saviors, by your forms of manipulation.

What happens when you cant control any more?
When the powers of mankind start using your own medicine against you?
Drink from the cup of an artist and you will understand what I mean.
Because a man who has lost everything no longer fears anything.


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