The Masters Hand

Eagerly they wait like a slave for his master,
A slave needs no mind, no thoughts, no originality, only an open ear to the masters command.
Needing direction in one’s life by  the richest of hands.
Fight this war for me and you will be a hero!
Read the fine print,
Come home and you will be forgotten like any other lower class zero.
No need to worry, just follow my lead
some of you may die, and most of you will bleed
Though your lives are sacrificed for the better of my business.
I’ll soon have enough money to buy back any need of forgiveness.


7 thoughts on “The Masters Hand

      1. I’m down for the cause. Long before my blog became totally about my crafts in art. Between 2009-2011 I wrote over 150 articles talking about everything that has led up to where we are today. Wrote a book about it aswell ” The Sheeple Survival Guide “.

      2. Yes it was published back in 2010, and I sold several copies. Then I realized it needed mass editing. So it was taken off the market. Just sitting around too lazy to complete it ATM. Focusing more on Art, and building a bigger audience.

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