Lebron in the Playoffs #4

Lebron James has taken out every team he has played so far. Pacers choked, because of Lebron’s fantastic play. They are up 2-1 on the Celtics and play tomorrow. Bron is surely having one of the best seasons ever for an NBA career.


8 thoughts on “Lebron in the Playoffs #4

    1. Lol…can I just say that I am not a fan of Mr Lebron…I am hoping OKC gets it all in the end…hopefully the Celtics will get themselves together soon…lol

      1. Haha you know whats funny is that I’m not that big of a fan of Mr. James either, but its hard to not like him when he is playing so well. However I wanted to do a running comic type thing about the Playoffs and I figured Lebron would be there for at least most of it. That and I want to draw a picture of him choking and losing..So heres to OKC and the Celtics. In truth, I hope OKC wins the championship this year.

      2. Amen!!! I am always routing for the underdog lol, but like you said Lebron is playing well and I gotta give him that lol. Let’s go OKC!!!

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