The Expense you Pay for Falling in Love with a Free Bird

love is diurnal
Its what makes living in this world bearable.
Though its everywhere, it is difficult to discover.
It’s not a game of hide and seek,
A treasure map where X marks the spot,
A childs dream of gold is an adults dream of love.
Yet I had my shovel in hand, and hiking boots on.
Where ever your love has gone, I’d work for it for how ever long.

Certainly your love isn’t quotidian.
Your love was an affair, an obsession, a craving.
Tasting your lips, a drug for the worst addict.
Love’s adventure with you could only be so contrite,
Though i never thought it would end in true love.
Of course it was only meant for one of us,
You can’t keep a bird in a cage for long without letting them free.
I curse my curiosity, my eagerness to love.

How did I ever get in this debauchery.
My nightmares are all about your love and how you give it away so freely.
Now you have a child and you seem so happy with him.
Who is the man who loves you with such consistency now?
A bird keeper was more like a prison guard.
Though I didn’t capture you, you imprisoned me.
When you were ready to leave you left me in your cage.
Forever to mourn for my own bird.


23 thoughts on “The Expense you Pay for Falling in Love with a Free Bird

  1. I love the first line. My heart has felt that love is diurnal, loss for it nocturnal.

    This is so heartfelt and the art incredible as well

      1. hahah, yeah your absolutely right. However there are things that still hurt when i wright them. So instead of having a constant reminder of the past I sometimes delete the things. Did you think it was better before or after the edit? 🙂

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