My Doctor and Me

The doctor replied You have a dark sickness my friend
His silver thinning hair combed to the right, his blue tie around his neck too tight.
First off I’m not your friend and I feel fine.
He said “no you have a twist in your brain something that causes you to feel so much pain”
Take one by the hour every hour. Another victim and another dollar.
Well doctor you can’t drug me like you’ve drugged the others!
His pupils dilated and frustration flowed through his body.
I’d much rather live in pain then become someone boring and lame,
A walking zombie without feelings or shame.
“By your interpretation you don’t want to be a zombie someone who is the same?” he replied.
No I wont be locked in your cage
“We are trying to help you,” He smiled and continued. “Please take the medicine.”
Why so I can fill your pockets with fake green paper that helps you pay for that new Ferrari?
He was offended.
Good bye doctor.


13 thoughts on “My Doctor and Me

  1. This is what happened to me in Iraq! I was in the army and they noted that my heart rate was consistently high. I told them “of course my heart rate is consistently high, there are a lot of things I am dealing with here and at home”. They ordered me to take Effexor and to increase dosage quickly. It nearly destroyed me, but instead I let my whole situation fall apart so I could escape it without being pulled back in. It took a long time to recover from all the anxiety, but I did it without the help of medication. I feel like that was the best thing I could have ever chosen to do. Great post!

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