The lying man is a person who never thinks about the consequences of his words.
He is in the moment where truth can be told, but he uses his free will to not use it. There are many reasons why this world offers such men reasons to spit this filthy vomit. It protects you, so you can cope with your choice.
You sit there at the job that pays your bills, you don’t have time to do your job so you lie about not getting work done. Why not slack off and get that extra hour of sleep that you missed out on?  If it doesn’t effect you and allows you to keep slacking off then it shouldn’t be that bad. Right? after all your the center of your life. Which is one of the reasons why everyone lies.
Maybe its the world that teaches us to lie, to protect what is ours? but that just sounds like a poor excuse.

Well I have a new perspective for you to consider.
Your lies hurt you not just the people you are telling them to. They hurt you by infecting your integrity and freezing the blood that runs through your veins. You become a monster with each deception. It makes you more accepting to deceive in the future. If you’ve done it before, why not do it again? If that wasn’t a reason to ruminate about telling the truth then maybe you can think about the people you are hurting?

Your lies has cost a man his job and his way of life. Because you lie, a man no longer has an income and a spoiled reputation to go along with it. Because he no longer has an income he quickly falls into debt. Maybe his wife understands the situation, if your lucky.
Since money is the number one problem with couples, I doubt that luck is there. Because this man no longer has an income, his wife may leave him. A divorce that is unnecessary and heart ache for not only him but his children.  Scared for the rest of their life, because of a lie.
Now a good man can’t pay for his child’s needs, for his hearts needs.

Your lies have told a person who loves you with all their heart, that you will stay true to them. Though the person you slept with, sucked, and fucked the night before had nothing to do with the person who loves you. It protects your relationship, your way of life for the time being. Harmless fun, right? Though the person who loves you, and knows you the best can tell there is something wrong. Maybe its the cracked voice you used to tell them “you love them and only them.” Though I believe a common truth about lies. That lies lead to more lies.  Eventually the liar is exposed though the damage has already been done.
Pregnant and unaware of whose child it may be.

The oval office is a grand job. The leader of the “Free World.” Celebrity status and a name that will be placed in the history books. A regular Alexander the Great you imagine yourself to be. War Heroes! Not only do you get platinum status but a retirement plan fit for a king. A change is necessary you scream from your pulpit convincing the masses that you are the right choice. Republican or Democrat it really doesn’t matter as long as the people buy what your selling. After all you have already made promises to the people funding your campaign. You do what they want because it secures your place in office. So your sweet sugar coated lies are only lies that secure your legacy that secure the illusion. Your willing to say anything tell any fictitious fable as long as you win. You don’t care about the people in the Country, only yourself. Its people like you that love to send out the poor to fight your wars. Keep taking the American people on your little ride. It will turn you into a monster. Don’t believe me? We are the only country to use a Nuclear Weapon!

Your white shirt is clean and pressed. Your black tie is perfectly tied in a double winsor knot. Your crowd and pulpit awaits you. The excitement of fulfilling your calling in life. You preach to your congregation that the man in the sky wants them to obey his 10 different rules. That if you dont you will go to a tortured inferno when you die. No family, no friends, only a big horned red guy. Your con is almost complete. The all powerful needs you to do one more thing, you  continue to preach. “Pay your tithing, pay the church, and you will be blessed with eternal life.” Its a perfect lie. After all…what all seeing, all powerful god wants earthly riches?

There is a funny thing that happens when you lie. I believe life has a way of getting you back for the times that you have lied. If not the liars soul slowly rots away leaving him with no feeling or heart.  Because you lie, it kills the most important thing about life. Yourself.

The epiphany comes when you decide to tell the truth for yourself. So you will stay human. So you can love. For it is better to tell the truth then to destroy ones soul or in this case mankind.

(This really is just a post for me to vent on! I have tried for a good part of my life to always tell the truth. I feel that it is more important to tell the truth then it is to hide something or try to protect oneself. The problem with lying is that we all do it. I think we all need to make a conscious effort to be truthful with everyone and most importantly ourselves.)