Wicked Waves

The sea was wicked and wild,
Like the heart of the woman I love.
Its beauty holds me in a state of infancy.
Your lips always new how to excite me
The child inside, felt scared for the wind was blowing intensely.
Your black hair and emerald eyes had removed themselves from me.
Though the sea raged on always reminding me of what we once had.
I asked,
Could the sea ever comfort me like your arms did holding me?
Could the wind ever whisper “Everything will be ok” like your warm breath did softly speaking into my ear.

Though the sea might not be everything I want it to be,
The one thing I can always count on is the truth that it speaks to me.
The waves they may crash into me, they may drown me, but they will never lie to me.
Your mouth was nothing like the waves.

In my wildest dreams I catch myself screaming for your lies to come back to me.


5 thoughts on “Wicked Waves

    1. You are to kind! I’m always looking for feedback on what I could do better….Since your an amazing poet, anything you could think of to help would be of great appreciation.

      1. Oh amazing poet…now i know someone paid you to check out my blog lol…thank you for the kind comment. I guess just keep writing, look for things that trigger your thoughts, or create excitment in you…I always look for creativity in any and everything :). Keep writing though, I guess the more we keep at something, the better we get

  1. Honestly I really loved that Innate Revolution poem you did! Its fantastic. Also thank you for the suggestions. It seems I better start writing poetry more and more. Thanks again for the support. It’s always nice to know someone likes what you do.

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