This Weeks Awful Tattoo 05/21/2012

  • This weeks tattoo is for cat lovers. Now its one thing to be obsessed with your cat/pet or any animal. I understand that, animals are amazing. However when you make it a point to get a tattoo where the main part of it is it’s butt hole, I have a difficult time with it. When your 83 and your taking off your shirt to go swimming at your retirement home…do you really think this is going to make you feel cooler then the rest? “Hey Charles, come look at my tattoo I got of my cat, fluffy, (RIP) when I was a teenager!” Charles walks slowly over grasping on to his walker. “By God!” Charles screeches. “I knew you were a dumbass.”  Charlie mockingly said while taking his walker and bashing it over the other mans head.
    Now not only do you have a stupid tattoo you have blood ruining down your face and you are laying on the ground wondering what went wrong in your life.

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