Avant-garde for Us

Progression has never been a new thing for our kind.
The mysteries of the ancient world, large pyramids and sphinxes.
The library of Alexandria, the lost city of Atlantis all had the same thing in common with the Human Race:


We as a people have been clouded by the waves of television,
Pop Music, and fucking Kardashians.
We are still battling inequality, racism, and hatred.
Though it feels like we are fighting a war that has already been decided 40 years ago. Must we always remember the blood in the streets, the payment and price of freedom. But must we always have to pay with blood for what we all want?

Blacks, Women, Gays, its all the same fight.  Everyone deserves to have rights. To believe in what they want, choose what they want, and be what they want without the fear of bruising, battering, name calling, death.

Laymens, Dabblers, Cocked businessmen making names for themselves to the benefit of none other then themselves.  They play their trumpets to the beat of the masses! Love me, and I’ll give you what your looking for. Their gentle words sound so gratifying to our ears. We are tickled pink by their counterfeit smiles.

Sales! Lies that we should stop buying.

We’ve been spoon fed from a certain disease that the government doesn’t want us to know about. The media plagues our homes and feeds us mindless pleasures. Sex, shockers, tits and exploding cars, buildings, boats.  Its all very exciting.

While our pastors, preachers wail at their pulpits to pursue the meaning of Christianity. To follow! TO FOLLOW! Like sheep. Lambs to the slaughter. Mankind was never meant to follow.  We are explorers, leaders, astronauts, innovators, free thinkers, and sheepherders.

We are above this acrimony, this inequality. We are only one, the human race, may we always be Avant-garde. May we always progress for the betterment of mankind.


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