7 thoughts on “1-800-Suicide

    1. yeah its really sad. 😦 I’ve always thought the biggest loss one can have is losing someone you love. I don’t take suicide lightly because I believe its a real problem in our society that must be addressed. People sometimes ask the why me when something like this happens? Truth is I think about how horrible someone must feel to be able to taker their own life. I hope we as a people can all gather around and start treating others with kindness and love. After all isn’t that what we all want?

      1. indeed luckly for me I’ve not had to experience that but it is sad that someone can get so low they have to opt out of the world.. really education should include how to manage our emotions because sometimes they can be so strong we can’t cope but that would change a whole generation of people I would think.. well much like the mindfulness concept that’s out there now and spreading fast.. I think kindness and love are really important but we have to remember sometimes people just don’t get on, we are all different you see, cause I struggle with that being quite introvert it tends to mean I am kind from a distance and I suppose really the best thing to do is smile that’s something anyone can do!

  1. Nice sketch you got there! I mean, it’s not sunshine and something you want to snuggle with, but it’s a nice sketch. XD
    To love and Be loved, it’s what we truly want.

    1. I don’t know if you’ve ever listened to Bright Eyes (the band) but what you said really reminds me of one of their lyrics. “To love and Be loved!” Your absolutely right though. what person doesn’t want to love and be loved?

      1. That band sounds pretty good! I never heard of it, but I will check it out! ^^
        Not anyone that I know doesn’t want to love be loved! XD Thanks 4 checking out my bloggy, by the way! 😀

  2. I struggle with being an extrovert and bubbly like a butterfly and all that jazz. I’m more of an introverted type as well. Its funny because I completely understand where you are coming from. However being kind from a distance is a great thing. and I think you have something there with the smile! Seriously if we all took the chance to smile at someone this world would be a better place.

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