This Weeks Awful Tattoo 05/14/2012

Thats right folks its the Weekly Tattoo Laugh and this week we have a doosey for you. Now typically I love a woman with tattoos. For some reason I feel like a women with tattoos always has more fun and they live their lives to the fullest. However This Tattoo is a little extreme.
Live Long and Prosperous is a term we probably have all heard and I’m well aware that people love Star Trek. Though I’m more of a Star Wars guy myself. I never thought the day would come when I saw someone who loved Star Trek so much that they would tattoo each breast with the faces of their favorite characters. Let a lone have it be a girl. To you my lovely lady who loves Star Trek. You get this weeks Awful Tattoo.


2 thoughts on “This Weeks Awful Tattoo 05/14/2012

    1. haha I completely understand. I am a big fan of tattoos though I don’t have a lot. I feel like if your going to get a tattoo get something important to you(Something that means the world to you). I will never understand why people get some of the tattoos they do…But at least it gives me a good laugh and something to blog about 🙂

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