Every god damn night! its you.
you with your new man.
You haunt me like a ghost in a horror movie.
Every night I dream of being next to you.
Your curved back and your beautiful skin.
Its like I’m living only to dream of living with you again.
I can’t remember what its like to kiss you.
But I can remember how your lips used to control me.
The way your eyes reflected in the sunlight,
makes me cringe because I’ll never see that again.
Broken and destroyed
You left me and now you have a new baby boy.
I only wish that everything you did was with me instead of him.
Jealousy is such a sin.
But everything beautiful in my life came from you.
Its ironic that everything horrible in my life also came from you.
My nightmares are not of beasts, or monsters.
They are of your milky skin and the smell of your hair
and how I’ll never be there.
Missing you has never been so cruel.