Political Reform Please

You act like no one sees you,
the blood in your veins turns black and dies
with your every spoken lie.
They believe you but I wont follow you
what will you do, when the lower class comes for you?
when the middle class haunts you?

No money well I guess you can die!
No money your just a regular guy!
Is this the thoughts that go through your mind?
Keep telling yourself we wont come for you
Keep telling yourself your money will save you.

You earn more then the average man,
Will this save you from your own sins?
The Human race is made to progress,
You hold us back and we all regress.
I’ll speak out against the beast,
You must speak out against the machine.

What has our freedom come to?
Waiting for another world war?
Not in my dreams, Not in our dreams.
Political reform please.


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