I Fight My Mind and He Fights Me (A Poem of Love)

My mind and me have fought battles together,
We have sat and pondered many beautiful things,
We have fallen in love with the same woman
She left us both for something better
My mind and me are fighting each other.

A friendship that has lasted 27 years together,
but tonight we are bitter enemies.
I remember when we first had the awakening,
together we share the same conscious thoughts.
How religion and god can’t be one and the same
Atheism was never really our thing.
Agnostic? maybe we say, we share, we believe.

I swear to god, mind, if you think of her one more time!
one more memory of her holding us, sleeping next to us, kissing us,
I will hurt you. 20 pills swallowed!
enjoy the loss of brain cells you horrible beast.
The numbness crawls through my body,
My brain suffers and burns from the agony but I am numb.
He fights back with another thought of her leaving me.
No matter what I do he always beats me.

We think of her, when will we stop loving her?
We think of stupid ways she might come back to us.
But tonight we fight each other,
Hoping to get over all this lonesomeness.
Goodnight sweet lover. Goodnight my friend.
Tomorrow we will fight again,
Till the love for her finally ends.


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