The Expense you Pay for Falling in Love with a Free Bird

love is diurnal Its what makes living in this world bearable. Though its everywhere, it is difficult to discover. It’s not a game of hide and seek, A treasure map where X marks the spot, A childs dream of gold is an adults dream of love. Yet I had my shovel in hand, and hiking boots on. Where ever your love has gone, I’d work for it for how ever long. Certainly your love isn’t quotidian. Your love was an affair, an obsession, a craving. Tasting your lips, a drug for the worst addict. Love’s adventure with you could only be so contrite, … Continue reading The Expense you Pay for Falling in Love with a Free Bird

My Doctor and Me

The doctor replied You have a dark sickness my friend His silver thinning hair combed to the right, his blue tie around his neck too tight. First off I’m not your friend and I feel fine. He said “no you have a twist in your brain something that causes you to feel so much pain” Take one by the hour every hour. Another victim and another dollar. Well doctor you can’t drug me like you’ve drugged the others! His pupils dilated and frustration flowed through his body. I’d much rather live in pain then become someone boring and lame, A walking zombie without feelings or … Continue reading My Doctor and Me

My Sweetest enemy

Nothing would make me more happy to have you sleep next to me in complete silence in complete trust To then cover your face with a pillow and listen to your last breath You gasp and sqirm a little then you stop so peaceful I dig your grave with the mud and bugs Lower your body deep down inside and be done with you like you are done with me Good Night my sweetest enemy Continue reading My Sweetest enemy

Bamboozled by Deceit

The lying man is a person who never thinks about the consequences of his words. He is in the moment where truth can be told, but he uses his free will to not use it. There are many reasons why this world offers such men reasons to spit this filthy vomit. It protects you, so you can cope with your choice. You sit there at the job that pays your bills, you don’t have time to do your job so you lie about not getting work done. Why not slack off and get that extra hour of sleep that you missed out on? … Continue reading Bamboozled by Deceit