Jesus Visits the Dinosaurs in the Cretaceous Period

An ancient scroll was found off the coast of Spain a month ago. The scroll had been placed in an empty treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. Valdi Illatino was the diver that recoverd the chest and the scroll. He had this to say about it “the chest was in the water, so I go down and get it.” After the painstaking process of dicephering the ancient text and photo graph this is what was displayed. A photo of Jesus the Nazerene rididng on what looks like a long necked Dinosaur. Could this be one of the many civilizations that Jesus visited before his walking on water and other miracles found in the Bible?
The Ancient text on the scroll read as followed : And it came to past that when the lord Jehova and the dinosaurs gathered together in the great valley of Nene. A prophecie of the birth of a prophet came to past and his name was Littlefoot. The Lord Jehova and the dinosaurs prayed for the prophets good health and that his coming would be soon. Then the great lord Jehova asked for a ride and they all rejoiced.
It is clear that the Ancient text found by the diver is proof that Jesus has visited his many creations from the time the earth began. Until next time on for your religious health. Godspeed.


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