A Tattoo Artist becomes a Hero of the People

Chivalry is a long forgotten topic among today’s youth. You don’t expect a knight in shining armor going out and saving fair damsels in distress now a days. Any knight in shining armor will find out that the damsel that was just saved has been tormented by her captor enough to have destroyed the way they think and feel. This results in the knight getting his heart broken without any way to fight back.

Knight in Shining Armor

Dayton Ohio is our setting for this story. Being a man that has been cheated on and had my life turned upside down, I heard this story and couldn’t help but applaud this Hero. He is a regular person, trying to find his own way just like all of us. He is a tattoo artist and was in love. He recently found out that the girl he loved had Cheated on him with one of his good friends. Knowing the pain and heart ache this can cause someone it is amazing that he didn’t confront his love. Instead the man hatched an ingenious plan to get back at the one woman  who committed such an atrocious act and caused him such pain.

Tattoo’s can be beautiful works of art, and especially recently, it is becoming more and more of an accepting art form. His girlfriend had always felt a deep appreciation for the Chronicles of Narnia and wanted a large back tattoo to commemorate her love for the great CS Lewis novels. That or she just enjoyed the Hollywood movies that have been recently made. At least It’s probably better then getting matching “Wonderwall Tattoos” with your current boyfriend, but to each his own.

The night of the Chronicles of Narnia Tattoo was filled with tequila and jello shots. Lets face facts, who can pass up Jello shots? unless of coarse you are Mormon. Our hero took his plan to another level, by getting his once loved girlfriend drunk and signing a waiver. That gave our friend complete control of what was done or as the signed sheet of paper said “at the artist’s discretion.” He worked diligently and admirably on the tattoo.

After the Tattoo was finished the Girlfriend was in a bit of shock and most likely panic. This is what she saw.

Oh Shit!

If this isn’t enough to bring this Tattoo Artist a knight hood, I’m not sure there is anything that could top it. For every man, and woman that has been cheated on there is a Hero for us to look too. Thank you tattoo artist for being a courageous knight of old and saving your dignity and giving the people of this kingdom something to be proud of.


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