INJUSTICE! The Death of a Boxing Icon, is dropped in the media for a different Joe’s story.

Smokin’ Joe Frazier, the very same boxer who took Muhammid Ali down in 1971 from his vicious left hook died on the 7th of November from Liver cancer. He was the first man to beat The Greatest Boxer of all time. Picture the two Titans of the boxing world going head to head, hook against jab.

It is sad to think that the media hasn’t done more in providing a memorial or something for the public to morn over such a great and talented man, father, and husband.

Instead the media is covering a scandal about another Joe. Joe Paterno. Jerry Sandusky child molestation case has consumed news headlines. The recent debacle with Joe Paterno not calling or alerting authorities when he found out about Mr. Sandusky being with a 10 year old boy in the showers of the Penn State Locker room is unheard of. However how did Joe Paterno not alerting the authorities become a bigger news headline then the death of one of the greatest boxer’s in history?
Shame on you media. I had the oppurtunity to talk to Muhammid Ali, Joe’s infamous rival, and his lap dog shown in the picture below.

Muhammad Ali was everything an Icon, an Image was supposed to be. He was generous, caring, and most of all he was sad to see his greatest rival go. Muhammad Ali told me that the one thing he never knew about Joe Frazier was how long Joe wore that black hat?

(Young Joe)
(Old Joe)

One thing is for sure, we will never know, Joe Frazier, the Icon who slayed another Icon, then lost to the same Icon in a different fight that lifted a nation and then battled cancer, how long he wore that snazzy black hat. Smokin Joe Frazier you will be missed and never forgotten by this humble blogger.


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