Slow Death

Creeps, crept, creeping into the psychosis. Normality no longer seems, normal. Locked in a basement room while tearing the hair from my scalp. My teeth grinding while the grains fall down my throat. My brain is on fire, melting down everything I knew was true The pieces of love are turning into fire and stone the vizard I wear protects me from the outside, Though the dreadful dreaming of dictators controlling my choices leaves me with a noose around my neck and a chair kicked out of the way. Lying silently on the grey grass carpet while the only thing that moves are the shadows. … Continue reading Slow Death

The Battle

I am not delusional. The monster behind the door is alive. He hunts, he kills, he destroys. I feel his evil creeping in, I feel the lies weighing heavily on my shoulders. The monster, raging and sore, Fights a battle constantly with my kindness. The truth becomes ever so clear to a being with nothing to lose. Beaten down and bleeding, Drunk with anger. He awakens. Misunderstood, He yells in pain from the torment he has received. People scoff and make fun of him. His eyes blood red with sun. Unleashed he would explode like a starved wolf. Ripping and tearing away that which … Continue reading The Battle


The concrete walls trap us. A functioning system for safety and protection. Give me the trees and weeds, The bugs and the bees Massive stone erections, rain drops gather on huge glass windows. Give me the functioning rain cloud, The smell of a natural cleaning. Taxi cab horns and vibrant flashes, Shoe too shoe, hellos and goodbyes. Give me the sound of a rushing river, The foot prints of a creature. Religion whispers like the wind poisoning the thoughts of sin. Give me the tall red wood, The dusty trail through the wilderness. Furnace burning and iron melting, Black smoke … Continue reading Wilderness

The Beaten Lion

Today, there is a thorn stuck in the lions foot, Exhausted and weak, He raises his sturdy head for another day. Hungry, the endless emptiness of a stomach that yearns for substance. The sun, beating down everything it touches. Flies pick at wounds, while silently still. Spreading their disease on the kingliest of beasts. Unaware of their time left on the clock. Barren wasteland spreads out as far as the eye can see, The laughing Hyena echoes in the ears of the King. The work, the hunt, all for nothing. The thief of the Savannah, suffers with the lack of strength But … Continue reading The Beaten Lion

Thunderous Guilt

The box was dark, damp and smelled of mold The dirty lump of mass sat there in his frozen despair The bugs crawled over his flesh and genitals itching and picking at scars and thoughts. I am the first me that is The first me that has been tried I am an experiment that has gone horribly wrong Lifted from the rays of light to sit on the burning fire of life Untamed and unyielding the birds have stopped singing My guts hang from the pitch forks of hell and my mind bathes in the rain. The train thundered on across the tracks the … Continue reading Thunderous Guilt