A Start of Something New

I would like to start writing more in my life. I am not by any means a pro, however without try how else will I learn? I will hopefully be posting short stories, poems, and maybe a screen play. I dont want to get to crazy with it so I will start with a lame poem I wrote today. Please know that my writings will not be edited, and I don’t mean any harm by it. If the swearing offends you I apologize.  Here is the poem.

Climb to the Sun

Oh little eight legged monster,
hanging from my light
I wonder what you’re thinking.
Is the sun too bright?

You crawl your way up to the sun
when you get too close it burns your feet
and knocks you down.
Your struggle is something I can relate to
keep trying so I don’t have to kill you.

Your yellow body may scare some
its just society’s way but
today somehow I feel like you’re my son
Climb up the mountain
Climb to the sun.
Little yellow monster
You are loved by only one.

fuck he fell


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